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PPT 201 Commercial 

Session Dates:

March 17-21, 2014

August 11-15, 2014

The third class provides an understanding of the similarities and contrasts between the residential and commercial construction markets. Product knowledge, industry practice, proper application of cost data, and techniques for accessing expert assistance are central seminar themes. Guest experts provide technical information—as well as practical insight—into working with selected commercial systems and dealing with specialty contractors. Each day’s activity concludes with a detailed discussion/demonstration of how to estimate a selected commercial building system or component, followed by an evening assignment in which participants must demonstrate the ability to apply this information to the completion of a commercial loss estimate. Intended for those who have completed both PPT 101 and 102 or have substantial property experience. Text included.

Monday   Systems Overview

Residential vs. commercial practice, commercial product overview, “CSI” format, using commercial construction documents for scoping and take-off

Tuesday   General Contracting, Masonry, Pre-engineered Metal Buildings
Guest Expert


How a general contractor estimates, market forces, masonry materials and methods, principles of pre-engineered construction, estimate/repair strategies

Wednesday   Commercial Roof Systems
Guest Expert

  Conceptual overview, five components of any roof, system overview: BUR, single-ply and modified roofs, adjustment options: repair/restore/retrofit/replace, evaluate site conditions, scope and price

Thursday   Extruded Aluminum & Glazing Systems, Hollow Metal Frames & Hardware
Guest Expert

  System components, frames/hardware, associated hardware, detailed steps to scoping losses, estimate guidelines, lab demonstration of installation/repair procedure

Friday   Exterior Insulation Finish Systems

  System overview, installation procedure, maintenance requirements, damage ability, steps to proper scope preparation, estimate guidelines

  Exam on all seminar content
Oshkosh Spanbauer Campus

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