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The Wisconsin Decision Driving Center (WDDC) at Fox Valley Technical College's Appleton, Wisconsin campus is one of the most unique and advanced driving centers in the nation.

Workshops are conducted on a specifically designed and controlled road course. This course is designed by safety engineers to mirror common emergency situations which can test a driver's abilities as well as a vehicle's capabilities. Drivers will get actual “hands-on” experience while training under safe, controlled conditions.

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On our nation's public roadways we know drivers may overestimate their skills and underestimate their vehicles' capabilities, often resulting in crashes and many times, injury or death.

During our workshop, drivers will discover their personal driving abilities by experiencing actual emergency situations on a safe, off-street driving range under the guidance of qualified staff. Drivers also learn the safe performance capabilities of a variety of vehicles.

Courses are designed to sharpen your driving skills so you can prevent or reduce the severity of collisions. Our mission is to offer drivers the skills which are necessary so they possibly can avoid the loss of human life, and the misery and financial expense which result from vehicle crashes.

Here is What You'll Learn at the Wisconsin Decision Driving Center...

Practical techniques to use in emergency driving situations, such as:

  • Controlled braking
  • Off-road recovery
  • Evasive maneuvers
  • Handling dry and slippery curves
  • Skid control
  • Reaction time and vehicle braking distance
  • Vehicle dynamics and control
  • Jackknife recovery (truck workshops)
  • Anti-lock brake system training
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You Will Improve Your Overall Driving Skills by Learning How To:

  • Recognize clues to identify potentially dangerous situations.
  • Continue thinking rationally so you won't panic when a hazard or emergency presents itself.
  • Know which alternative decisions to use in avoiding collisions and minimizing damage.
  • Evaluate various fallacies that exist concerning driver and vehicle performance.
  • Control your vehicle under adverse driving situations.
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Who Should Use the Wisconsin Decision Driving Center?

The Decision Driving Center workshop is offered to customers of many occupations including but not limited to: Truck drivers, firefighters, police officers, bus drivers, public works employees and salespeople.  

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The Wisconsin Road Team Endorses the Decision Driving Center:

Wisconsin's premier professional drivers have taken the WDDC workshop and highly endorse it.

Why Should You As An Employer Send Your Drivers?

The main objective of the workshop is to prepare your drivers for the actual emergency driving experiences they could possibly encounter on our nation's roadways.

Your employees are your most valuable resource. Giving them the opportunity to obtain skills taught in this workshop can reduce costs in such areas as worker's compensation, vehicle repairs, personal injury and litigation.

For more information about the Wisconsin Decision Driving Center, contact Brad Plamann OR call at (920) 735-4784 OR contact Jean Stoeger OR call (920) 735-2442.

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