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High School Credit 

Instructor and high school studentWhat is High School Credit?

Using the guidelines under Wisconsin Statute 38.14, students 16 years of age and older attending high school during the day may take course work after the regular school day or in the summer to earn credits toward their high school graduation.

Students attend High School Credit courses through a financial contract between their high school and Fox Valley Technical College (FVTC). Contract fees are established according to the per credit cost of the course.

High School Credit Recovery: Students participating in the High School Credit Recovery program take Adult Basic Education (ABE) courses to make up credits for classes failed in their high school. Contracted fees are established in 72-hour increments. Students attend self-paced, competency-based classes at any of the ABE classroom sites within the FVTC District, including Appleton, Chilton, Clintonville, New London, Oshkosh, Waupaca, and Wautoma. Courses are included in the subject areas of math, English, science, social studies, reading, and health.

Who is eligible?

Students over the age of 16 who have failed a high school class or are short of credits toward graduation are eligible for high school credit courses. Students and parents must work with their local high school guidance counselor or at-risk coordinator in determining the best educational plan. Referral to FVTC must come from the high school.

What is the application process?

The following steps must be completed to apply to this program:
  1. Students must meet with their high school counselor to discuss referral to FVTC for credit classes.
  2. A contract between FVTC and the high school must be in place and signed by both an FVTC representative and a high school representative.
  3. Paperwork for referral is completed between the student, parent, and counselor, to include:
    • FVTC High School Credit application form
    • Student Health form
    • Transcript Evaluation form (if requested by FVTC)
  4. Paperwork is sent to the FVTC contact person.
  5. For Credit Recovery classes, students must attend the “First Steps to Success” orientation and pay a ABE assessment fee.
  6. Registration takes place upon completion of this packet. Mailed to:
                                            Fox Valley Technical College
                                            Attn: Colette Busse
                                            PO Box 8277
                                            1825 North Bluemound Drive
                                            Appleton, WI 54912-2277

Who would I contact for information about High School Credit?

High school students with questions should contact their high school counselor.

High school staff with questions or concerns should contact:

Colette Busse, Associate Dean - General Studies
FVTC - Appleton Campus
Room: G210C
Phone: (920) 735-5692
Fax: (920) 735-5636
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