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Student Aid Report (SAR) 

After the FAFSA application has been submitted, a Student Aid Report (SAR) is processed. The student will be notified either by e-mail or mailing indicating the results of the application. This report reflects entries to the FAFSA application, as well as the Expected Family Contribution (EFC) calculation. 

Remember that the FAFSA on the web uses skip tracing.  If you were not required to answer a question, it will appear blank on the SAR. Please do not go back into the FAFSA to answer these questions. 

The report will not tell the student what dollar amounts he/she is eligible to receive. It may indicate if the student is or is not eligible for a PELL grant. However, FVTC still works with the results to determine what other Types of Aid the student is eligible to receive.

Making Corrections

Look over the SAR carefully. If further changes need to be made to your FAFSA (other than school code, address, etc.) please notify the Financial Aid office. Making changes to your FAFSA may affect your award, and amounts such as savings, investments, number in family/college, etc should not be corrected. Those amounts are to reflect the numbers that apply at the time you originally fill out your FAFSA.
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