Student Rights & Responsibilities 

Student Rights

Students have the right to:

  • Privacy of information regarding their financial assistance files. Information from a student’s file will not be released to anyone without a signed release from the student; except for Legitimate Educational Interest—college officials who need to fulfill their responsibilities.
  • Receive financial assistance as long as the student is eligible and as long as funds are available.
  • Accept, reject or seek adjustment to the student's financial assistance award without prejudice.
  • Know how much assistance the student will receive each term and when it will be disbursed or applied to the student's account.
  • Know the terms of any work program award offered.
  • Know the interest rate, as well as the amount, method and starting dates of repayment, for any loan offered to the student.
  • Access to the student's financial aid file.
  • Seek financial counseling.
  • Appeal award decisions.

Student Responsibilities

Students have the responsibility to:

  • Provide accurate and factual information on all financial aid forms.
  • Reapply for financial assistance annually, meeting all published deadlines.
  • Notify the Office of Financial Assistance of any change in name, marital status, financial status or change in enrollment.
  • Keep mailing address current with FVTC.
  • Be aware of financial assistance deadlines.
  • Watch for financial assistance announcements via student e-mail.
  • Review student consumer information made available through the Office of Financial Assistance.
  • Repay all loans or over payments in accordance with the terms of the student's truth-in-lending and promissory note and/or college policy.
  • Notify the Office of Financial Assistance if the student is in default on an education loan or owe financial aid repayments.
  • Notify the Office of Financial Assistance if the student changes credit load or terminates his/her studies.
  • Respond to all written inquiries and sign all required documentation in order to receive funding.
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