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Please begin your password reset with Step 1 below:

  1. From, click on the MyFVTC link on the left side of the page

  2. Click Reset Your MyFVTC Password.  (screen shot below)

    MyFVTC Password reset image

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  3. Select Employee as your User Type.
  4. Enter your Username in the text box.  (this should be a version of your last name)
  5. Enter your Date of Birth using the appropriate drop down selections.
  6. Enter the CAPTCHA code  (UPPER CASE FOR LETTERS, click on "New Code Please" if you cannot read the letters).
  7. Click Submit Answer button.

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  8. Enter your Security Answer to the Security Question that you have previously set.
  9. Click on the Submit Answer button.

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  10. Enter a New Password in the text box.
  11. Confirm New Password by re-entering the same password
    PLEASE NOTE!  Hover over the "I" in the circle to see minimum password requirements.
  12. By default the Mask Check box is selected, which will put black circles to protect your password characters.  Un-check the box if you wish to see what you've typed.
  13. If you want to keep your previous Security Question, go to step 14.  If you want to change your Security question, follow these steps:
    1. Select a Security Question from the drop box of questions.
    2. Enter a Security Answer for your question.
    3. Confirm Security Answer by re-entering the same security answer.
  14. Click on the Save Changes button.

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  15. When you have successfully set your password, you will get a Congratulations! confirmation page.
  16. An email will be set to your "Preferred email address" in our system.
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