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F-3 Fire Pumps & Accessories 

Presenter: Melvin Schampers

This workshop prepares the technician for the EVTCC exam and to understand the general design, performance and testing standards for pumper apparatus, per NFPA 1901 and 1911. You will learn about the hydraulic principles of water movement in pumping operations, the terms that relate to the basic hydraulic principles used in the fire service, the mechanical principles of pumps, pump controls, and accessories, the operation of a fire pump and related accessories during pumping operations, the periodic preventive maintenance required for fire pumps, pump controls and pump accessories, the procedures necessary to overhaul a fire pump and the procedures of performing a pump service test.

Required Text Books
  • NFPA 1901 - Standard for Automotive Fire Apparatus
  • NFPA 1911 - Standard for Service Tests for Fire Pumps on Fire Department Apparatus
  • NFPA 1915 Standards for Fire Apparatus Preventive Maintenance Program
  • IFSTA - Pumping Apparatus, Driver/Operator Handbook.
Technicians are urged to obtain and study the reference material prior to attending the workshop. For reference material ordering information go to

24 Hours, plus evening study.
Participants will be expected to complete practice tests.

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