F-4 Fire Apparatus Electrical & E-2 Ambulance 

Electrical Systems

Presenter: Kenneth Kempfer

This workshop prepares the technician for the EVTCC exam and covers basic electricity including electrical theory, battery theory, meters, wire and cables, alternators and cranking motors, advanced electricity, the application of the above theories plus troubleshooting of entire systems. The class covers the basic design and performance requirements of the fire and ambulance electrical systems, components of electrical systems and preventive maintenance and troubleshooting activities. The technician will understand the use of diagnostic equipment, batteries, the construction and operation of starting systems, charging systems and components, and the accepted practices used to diagnose and repair electrical systems.

Required classroom tools:
  • Voltmeter costing more than $25.00 and
  • a pocket calculator.
Required Text Books
  • Auto Electricity and Electronic Technology, by James Duffy OR Heavy Duty Truck/Equipment Clinic Manual, by Interstate Battery
  • KKK-A-1822E Federal Specification for Star of Life Ambulance GSA Publishing
Technicians are urged to obtain and study the reference material prior to attending the workshop. For reference material ordering information go to www.evtcc.org/exams.htm.

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