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Special Interest Groups 

Senior Computer Users Group

One of the primary functions of the Senior Computer Users Group is to provide a forum for people with similar interests to meet periodically and share ideas. Check the 'Meetings' tab for the time and location.

Resource Sharing

This group responds to the needs of the new and not so new persons to the world of computers. An open discussion format is the desired norm for this group. No question raised by any person is considered to trivial or complex for discussion. The sharing of computer knowledge can many times be the means of correcting a computer problem. Questions raised at this group meeting, provides a learning environment for the entire group. Persons beginning to enjoy the world of computers and those persons willing to share their experiences with computers are urged to attend this Special Interest Group. Experienced computer users who are attempting to solve computer problems also are urged to attend. The Resource Sharing Group is an example of individuals helping individuals to the highest degree.

Digital Imaging

This group responds to the needs of the computer user interested in the Digital aspect of cameras and the use of a computer scanner. Individuals are encouraged to share ideas, success stories, and of course failures, using digital tools. Discussions often involve computer software relating to the storage, enhancement, and printing of digital images and text.


This group discusses various aspects of the Internet and how to find and access information by the use of known URL’s or search engines. We talk about browsers such as, Internet Explorer, Netscape, Firefox, etc, their similarities, difference, and security. All issues relating to the Internet are open for discussion. However, this is not a training class. You should be familiar with the Internet and be ready to exchange questions and experiences.  


Everyone is welcome from beginner to expert. Join us! The Genealogy group meeting is a place to learn more about using computer programs for genealogy projects, learn more about genealogy Web sites on the Internet, meet others who want to exchange ideas and information about genealogy.  Click on 'Senior Users Group Meetings' for the date and times. Our genealogy topics change from month to month. Check 'Quick Links' for other interesting items.

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