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Background and Costs 

Fox Valley Technical College assesses facilities needs annually as part of an ongoing facilities planning process. Based on extensive research, the Board of Trustees adopted a resolution to proceed to referendum for the physical expansion of several high-demand program areas. The referendum was approved by voters on April 3, 2012.

What was the process that led to this referendum?
The referendum was the result of an extensive planning process that began in 2006. Read more about the process that included:
  • Facilities Review
  • Surveys
  • Economic Impact Study
Why are these projects necessary?
After carefully reviewing college facilities needs for the next several years, we know:
  • Demand for training exceeds capacity. FVTC has experienced a 30% growth in enrollment in the past three years, and last year served nearly 53,000 people, more than any other technical college in Wisconsin. The demand for technical education and training is so great that we are significantly challenged to meet the growing needs of students and local employers.

  • Area employers depend on FVTC. Despite a sluggish economy, regional employers are in need of qualified workers – those with advanced skills for today’s globally competitive economy. Fox Valley Technical College fills that vital role. Over the years, the college has worked with many industry partners to address technology, equipment and space needs, but there are many unmet needs that must be addressed to support enrollment and continuing education demands.

  • Program expansion supports regional job growth. At Fox Valley Tech, educational programs must prove themselves before gaining major infrastructure investments. In addition to enrollment demands, the program areas represented in these projects have been through a rigorous analysis of industry growth projections. These facilities expansions will address current and future industry growth, putting local people to work.
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What is the cost of these projects?
The Board of Trustees authorized, and district voters approved, a referendum package not to exceed $66.5 million.
The project costs include new construction, renovations, site work, parking, contingencies, professional services, permits and fees. See the cost breakdown by project (pdf).

The table below outlines the tax impact for property owners. 

Tax Impact Chart

What are the ongoing operating costs for these projects?
Annual operating costs to support the projects are estimated to be about $1.5 million when all of the building is completed. About two-thirds of the costs will be offset by savings from purchasing leased facilities and an increase in revenue generated by the new facilities. We will build the balance of the costs into our annual operating budget over the course of the next 3-4 years, just as we do with any new initiatives. As a result, the new operating expenses for these facilities will not produce additional tax impact beyond the debt repayment.
Learn more about the operating costs for these projects (pdf).

How will the Facilities Development Plan impact the regional economy?
Study results suggest a very positive economic impact on the region in both the short- and long-term. Read more >>

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