Meeting Community & Employer Needs 

For about $1 per month* for area property owners, the local economy will receive a significant boost.

Hear what area employers and community members have to say:

Why did the college propose this plan?

  • Local employers asked for these expansions to meet their staffing and training needs
  • There is strong demand for skilled labor in many local industries - these expansions help keep people employed and get people back to work
  • 20,000 employed adults receive job training from FVTC each year to meet current employer needs
  • Interest rates are at an all-time low, so there will likely never be a better time to expand
  • FVTC enrollment has risen 30% in the last 3 years; expansion is needed to support our regional residents and our local employers

What’s in it for me?

  • Better trained public safety personnel means a safer community
  • Local training offers less stress on public safety budgets, which means lower cost or more services in your community
  • More people back to work means more people paying taxes; that lowers everyone’s taxes since the total cost is spread among community members
  • These expansions result in new dollars from non-residents being spent within our communities
Why are these projects necessary?
After carefully reviewing college facilities needs for the next several years, we know:
  • Demand for training exceeds capacity. FVTC has experienced strong, steady enrollment growth over the years, and has consistently seen high graduate placement rates. The demand for technical education and training is so great that we are significantly challenged to meet the growing needs of students and local employers.
  • Area employers depend on FVTC. Despite a sluggish economy, regional employers are in need of qualified workers – those with advanced skills for today’s globally competitive economy. Fox Valley Technical College fills that vital role. Over the years, the college has worked with many industry partners to address technology, equipment and space needs, but there are many unmet needs that must be addressed to support enrollment and continuing education demands.
  • Program expansion supports regional job growth. At Fox Valley Tech, educational programs must prove themselves before gaining major infrastructure investments. In addition to enrollment demands, the program areas represented in the projects have been through a rigorous analysis of industry growth projections. These facilities expansions address current and future industry growth, putting local people to work.

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