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English Language Learning (ELL)

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English Language Learning (ELL or formerly known as ESL) is a language program designed to meet the needs of adults whose native language is not English. Courses focus on reading, writing, speaking and career skills at six levels of instruction!

Dept Chair - ELL 920-996-2919 Email_Me
Instructor-ELL 920-993-5142 Email_Me
Instructor-ELL 920-993-5143 Email_Me
Instructor-ELL 920-831-5477 Email_Me
Instructor-ELL 920-735-2439 Email_Me
Instructor-ABE/ProgramPrepWrit 920-831-4310 Email_Me
Instructor - ELL 920-831-5476 Email_Me
Instructor-ELL 920-996-2832 Email_Me
SupportSpec II-GlobalEducation 920-735-2443 Email_Me