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Financial Services is responsible for managing the financial resources of the College, for properly budgeting for and recording all financial activity in a timely manner, and for providing relevant and accurate information that assists in carrying out the College's mission of providing cost-effective education and training. We are also responsible for ensuring compliance with the College's fiscal policies, external audit requirements, WTCS fiscal management standards, and applicable state statutes.

Controller 920-735-5797 Email_Me
FinAsst IV-Purchasing 920-735-5646 Email_Me
StdntFin II-ThirdPtyBilling 920-831-4383 Email_Me
FinAsstIV-A/P 920-735-5648 Email_Me
FinancialAsst IV-AccntsPayable 920-735-2584 Email_Me
StdntFin II-ThirdPtyBilling 920-735-5716 Email_Me
Director-StudentFinancialServi 920-735-5698 Email_Me
StdntFinancials I 920-735-2493 Email_Me
FinancialAnalyst-SpecRevenue 920-735-4735 Email_Me
FinAnalyst-Special Revenue 920-735-2561 Email_Me
Procurement/ContractCoordinato 920-735-2461 Email_Me
StdntFinanceSpec 920-735-5710 Email_Me
FinAsst III-A/P 920-735-2446 Email_Me
FinancialAnalyst-SpecialRevenu 920-735-2534 Email_Me
Mgr-Budget&InformatioReporting 920-735-2528 Email_Me
AcctsReceivable&ReportingSpec 920-735-5794 Email_Me
StdntFin II-ThirdPtyBilling 920-735-5716 Email_Me
Financial Asst I - A/R (LTE) 920-735-5768 Email_Me
ChiefFinancialOfficer 920-831-4355 Email_Me
FinAsst V-SpecialRevenue 920-831-5422 Email_Me
FinAsst VI-Budget&FinRep 920-735-2591 Email_Me
Mgr–Purchasing&AccountsPayable 920-735-4741 Email_Me