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Class: 83193 Radar / Laser Instructor
Public Safety Training Center
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In Person Classroom
Public Safety Training Center

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Preparing Wisconsin Law Enforcement Standards Board (LESB) certified officers to effectively administer and teach the Radar/Laser training program, is the basis of this course. This course emphasizes teaching and learning techniques that promote active learning, support learners with a variety of learning preferences and needs, and generate continuous improvements in teaching and learning. The goal of this program is to prepare certified officers who are proficient in operating Radar/Laser to deliver the LESB-approved Radar/Laser curriculum.

Meeting Times:
11/14/2022 - 11/16/2022 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM PS131

Class Notes:
Students should bring note-taking materials to class, calculator (scientific) and a laptop. In addition, students should bring their department squad car and radar equipment. If the department is unable to provide a squad and/or radar equipment, please contact to reserve this equipment. Students should also dress for the weather. At the beginning of the Radar/Laser instructor course, instructor candidates will be given a pre-test. Instructor candidates must obtain a grade of 80% or higher on the written pre-test in order to enter/continue in the instructor course. The knowledge and skills instructor candidates must demonstrate on the pre-test are those they learned in the Radar/Laser basic course taught at the recruit academy. Any instructor candidates who do not pass the written pre-test will not be allowed to continue in the instructor course. At the end of the Radar/Laser instructor course, instructor candidates will be given a final written test. Instructor candidates must obtain a grade of at least 80% (LESB standard) on the final written test. Instructor must also demonstrate competence in performing the required teaching assignment to pass this course. Limited opportunity is provided for re-testing in the event of an unsuccessful assignment. The Radar is a component of the traffic law section of the DOJ training. IDC is not required to take this course. DJ-LE-335 and DJ- LE-336 do not need to be submitted for this course. Upon completion of the course, in order to teach Radar/Laser, the student will need to take IDC and request certification for a general law enforcement instructor.