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Conversations with the C-Suite: Are We Aligned?

Conversations with the C-Suite: Are We Aligned?

7:30-10:30 a.m. | D.J. Bordini Center

Event date: 4/25/2017 Export event

Conversations with the C-Suite: Are We Aligned?
Tuesday, April 25
7:30-10:30 a.m.
FVTC D.J. Bordini Center
5 Systems Drive, Appleton

The complimentary Conversations with the C-Suite is a series of interactive briefings designed for top executives and functional leaders. These executive-level briefings focus on issues impacting senior leaders who are accountable for enterprise performance. You will leave each session with one to three ideas for immediate application within your organization. Our goal is to provide new ways of looking at enterprise opportunities, challenges and problem solving.

This session will focus on organizational alignment:

Are we all on board? Are we all on the same page? Are we all aligned? How many times do the above questions precede the conclusion of a decision-making process? How often do you find in execution that the alignment did not result in shared understanding? Did paths diverge, expense increase and delay result?

In this briefing we will use issues identified by you to define and provide a framework for obtaining and maintaining alignment.

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