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New Student Welcome Center

Start here. New Student Registration sessions provide you with the information you need to know as a student at Fox Valley Technical College. It's also when you'll sign up for your first semester of classes.

New Student Registration Sign Up

Completed your New Student Registration Session? Congratulations! You’ve taken a big step toward fulfilling your career goals and we’re honored that you’ve chosen FVTC.

This page contains helpful information about the resources you’ll be using at Fox Valley Tech.

Need help with your MyFVTC ACCOUNT?

What is MyFVTC Account?

Use your MyFVTC Account to search and register for classes, view grades, change addresses (mailing or email), phone numbers and update other personal information. Use your nine-digit student ID and password to log in to this system.

Sign In

From MyFVTC click on:

MyFVTC Account

Enter your Student ID and Password. Click Sign In.


Find your ID and/or Password

If you forget your Student ID or password, don't worry. You can always find your Student ID using your social security number. And it's easy to reset your password too.

From MyFVTC click on:

MyFVTC Account

Click the Reset Your MyFVTC Password link. Then just follow the instructions. If you need assistance, you'll see our email and phone number in the upper right corner of your screen.

Enrollment Appointment

Your enrollment appointment is the date and time when you may go online and register for classes. It is not an in-person appointment with FVTC staff. While we are happy to assist you in person, the enrollment appointment is simply the time that the online registration system opens for your registration. You may register for your classes at your appointment time or any time thereafter.

In your MyFVTC Account, the Shopping Cart feature will allow you to pre-select your classes and put them into your cart for planning purposes prior to your enrollment appointment. Please note that putting classes into your cart does not register you or hold a spot in the class. Once your enrollment appointment begins, you will need to come back into your MyFVTC Account to complete the registration process. For more details, see the Shopping Cart Instructions under Register for Classes.

To view your enrollment appointment, log into your MyFVTC Account and choose the Enrollment Appointments option on the left side of the screen.

Register for Classes

When you're just getting started, registering for classes can be confusing. This helpful video will guide you through the process step by step.

Also, the shopping cart feature in your MyFVTC Account allows you to temporarily save classes until it's time to register. Learn more: How to Use the Shopping Cart (PDF)

If you want to register for class with a wait list, you may find this list of Class Wait List FAQ's (PDF) helpful.

Print Your Study List

After you've registered for classes, don't forget to print your Study List. You'll need that to purchase books at the FVTC Bookstore. Your Study List also has important notes about your classes and a list of any additional supplies you'll need.

To find your Study List, log into your MyFVTC Account, then choose Academics in the lower left corner. Choose Class Schedule (make sure you select the correct term), and then you can print your Study List.

Find Your Advisor

You can find the name and contact information for your program advisor(s) listed in the Advisors section in your MyFVTC Account.

What are My Program Requirements?

From time to time, you may want to monitor the progress you're making toward degree or diploma completion. You can get an update any time from your MyFVTC Account. At the bottom of the main page, just select View My Program Requirements from the Academics section.

In addition to being able to view your progress towards graduation you can also use My Program Requirements as tool to assist you in picking out courses for registration. Learn more: Using My Program Requirements for registration (PDF)

Access Your Grades

You can check your grades through your MyFVTC Account too. From the main page, go to the Academics section in the lower left, then choose Grades from the list. Don't forget to select the appropriate term.

Printable Quick Reference Guide

If you'd like a handy reference for using your MyFVTC Account, print this Quick Reference Guide (PDF).

Computer Help Desk

Need Help with Blackboard?

What is Blackboard?

Blackboard is a web-based learning environment used to enhance on-campus learning and/or to deliver distance-only learning (online courses) by posting course materials, class discussions, assignments and assessments on the Web.

Accessing Blackboard

When you register for a course that is designated Hybrid or Online, the FVTC system automatically creates an account for you in Blackboard. Your username will be your student ID and your password will be the same password you set up for your MyFVTC Account.

Logging into Blackboard

From MyFVTC click on:

Blackboard Button

Enter your Username (student ID) and Password, then click Login.

On the Blackboard welcome page, you will see your current courses listed. Note: Courses will not be listed until the instructors make the courses available—typically on the first day of the semester. Until then, you may see a message stating “You are not currently enrolled in any courses.”

Blackboard Support

Blackboard support is available 24/7 via the website.

FAQ: New Student


When your admissions application was accepted, you were issued an FVTC email address, which was included with your application acceptance letter. If you don’t already have your password, you’ll be prompted to choose one the first time you log in.

To log into your email, use your nine-digit student ID with “” (ex: and your password. Note: The email address to share with others is NOT your nine-digit ID number. Typically, it is the first eight letters of your last name, followed by the last four digits of your ID number. For example, the email address for student Tom Smith (ID# 123456789) would be

FVTC email is the official source for college announcements and college business (such as Financial Aid information). You are responsible for checking your email on a regular basis.

You may forward your FVTC email to a personal account (such as Yahoo!, Gmail or RoadRunner) using MyFVTC. You can set your personal email as the “preferred email” in your account; however, the college is not responsible for misdirected or lost email using this feature.

File Storage

USB or jump drives are recommended for storing documents and personal files. Drives are available for purchase in the bookstore. All students receive network storage space when on campus. Simply log into a college computer with your Student ID and select Documents in the Start Menu to save and access your files.


Use the same password for all three systems: Email, Blackboard and MyFVTC Account. 

Reset Password Here

Printing & Copying

Each semester you are enrolled in classes, you will receive a $25 allowance for course-related printing and copying. You can use this allowance to print or copy on any student-accessible printer on campus.

Learn More

Student ID Card

Your Student ID lets you access several services around campus, plus offers additional benefits off-campus. To find out more:

Visit Student Life

Student Software Discount

Select software is available for currently enrolled students at discounted prices through a statewide service called the Wisconsin Integrated Software Catalog (WISC). Access to the store is given 25 days prior to the first day of your first class. 

Learn More

Wireless Network

Wireless internet access is available at all FVTC campuses, regional centers and training centers. It is open to students and visitors with no password required for most Wifi enabled devices and laptops. Connect to the network called: “FVTC-Public” and accept the User Agreement when prompted. Students can also use the wireless network: “FVTC-Secure” by logging in with your student ID and regular password. This connection does not “time-out” and will keep you connected when you are on any FVTC campus.

What is the difference between MyFVTC and MyFVTC Account?

MyFVTC is a quick, convenient place for you to find student related information. You don't need to login to access the general resources located in MyFVTC. It also provides easy access to areas of the site where logins are required, including your student email, eFAS, Blackboard, MyLabs and your MyFVTC Account. 

MyFVTC Account is a protected area where your personal information can be accessed.