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The section below is a basic overview of Blackboard. If you would like a more detailed explanation and hands-on training with Blackboard, then please visit: Blackboard Information

Blackboard Log in and Navigation instructions

How to log into your Internet Course

1.  To open the FVTC on line courses log into Blackboard when the course site opens:
  • Open your browser.
  • In the "Address" field, type
  • Click the button called "Login."
  • Username: (your 9-digit Student ID number).
  • Password:  PeopleSoft password--the password you use to get into "MyFVTC" on the FVTC home page. 
  • If you desire to change your password you must do it in MyFVTC.
Choose and click on your course from the list to the right.

Blackboard has navigation buttons located on the left side of each page.

Use the buttons to "navigate" your way around the course.

Here's what you'll find under each one:


  • information of interest related to the course topics.
  • notification of when grades are posted by the instructor
  • specific announcements of interest to the entire class
  • job openings
  • scholarship and event notifications.
  • frequently asked questions--and the answers.

Note: Announcements change weekly, sometimes daily, so check them often! If you need to review a previous announcement click on the 'View All' tab at the top of the page.

Course Information

Samples of information you might find here:

  • Syllabus
  • Assignment due dates
  • How to submit assignments to the instructor
  • Textbook information
  • Checking grades
  • Discussion board information
  • Grading policy
  • Faculty Information

Faculty Information

  Information about your instructor


Folders or individual items that contain the course assignments. If it is a folder click on the title, e.g., "Check Fraud" to open and view the documents inside.


  • Send E-mail option--you can e-mail me right from here if you'd like. Just be sure you've updated your Personal Information (in Tools) with your current e-mail address so I can respond. You can also email other students if they have made their address available.
  • Discussion Board--one place you can participate in discussions of module topics. There is also a button just for this topic.
  • Roster--the listing of class participants with information they've made "public" and e-mail addresses.
  • Group Pages--your team's private areas for discussion, file sharing, e-mailing, etc. Some classes have group work attached to them; others do not due to the short nine week semesters.

External Links

Quick links to some related web sites. Not all courses will have this separate button. Some courses have external links incorporated into the unit folders.


  • Digital Drop Box--the primary place to submit assignments (using the "Send File", not Add, button).
  • Edit Your Homepage--a place to put personal information that will help others in this class get to know you better.
  • Personal Information--the place to add information about you, including your current e-mail address, and to change your password.
  • Course Calendar--can be used to check up on on-campus sessions that might be scheduled over the semester.
  • Check Grade --a way for you to see what grades you are getting on your assignments. (Please give the instructor about five working days to grade and record all those assignments).
  • Manual--all you ever need to know about using this software (called Blackboard). Check it out if you have question on Blackboard.
  • Address Book--a place for you to enter addresses of others.


An area built by Blackboard to provide all of us with related web-based resources related (and not) to the content of the course. It's worth a look-see.

Course Map

A quick view of the contents of each of the button areas of the course. Clicking on the little plus (+) sign next to an item will open its contents. Clicking on the item will jump you to that area of the course.

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