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Microsoft Word Templates & Forms

Hours: 2.00 | Estimated Cost: $79.00

Every Word document you create is based on a Template. Templates allow us to predefine what will be included in our Word document. In this session, discover how to create and use your own templates and share them with others. In addition, we will learn to create fillable forms that can be used to gather information via controls such as check boxes and drop-down lists.

Additional Information

Learn About
  • Creating, editing and using Templates
  • Creating and using Forms
  • Inserting content and protecting a Form
Benefits & Outcomes
  • Create Templates that will save you and your colleagues time and ensure consistency across your documents
  • Create Forms that allow you to quickly and consistently gather desired information either electronically or on paper
Training Outline


  • Templates vs. Documents
  • Using a Template
  • Creating a New Template
  • Editing a Template
  • Adding a Workgroup Template folder
  • Showing the Developer Tab
  • Using a Global Template

**Creating and Using Forms**

  • Inserting Content Controls
  • Turning On/Off Design Mode
  • Inserting a Repeating Section
  • Setting Content Control Properties
  • Changing Placeholder Text
  • Inserting Content Control Properties
  • Changing Placeholder Text
  • Protecting a Form from Changes
  • Unprotecting a Form
  • Protecting only Parts of a Form
  • Accessing the Forms to Fill it Out
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