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Daily Continuous Improvement

Hours: 8.00 | Estimated Cost: $350.00

Improve? Adapt? Innovate? Does your organization have opportunity for Daily Continuous Improvement (DCI)? In this multi-session seminar, learn the framework to create a sustainable problem-solving culture that embraces personal learning through experimentation using the improvement Kata. Kata means method and practitioners establish a routine of identifying a challenging target condition, then working step-by-step to identify and remove obstacles while learning from problems encountered. During four 3-hour sessions, develop an understanding of the routines required for Daily Continuous Improvement, establish processes to support the coach/learner roles and practice the coaching routine, create a storyboard to support the DCI routine and report on your successes and challenges.

Additional Information

Learn About
  • Developing a cadence of accountability for problem solving
  • Creating a standard for productive daily huddles
  • Making progress over deep-rooted problems
Benefits & Outcomes
  • Establish accountability for problem solving activities at multiple levels
  • Improved communication among work teams
  • Increased employee engagement
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