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Intellectual Assets: A 4-module Series

Hours: 12.00 | Estimated Cost: $199.00

The creation of intellectual assets and the management of intellectual property plays an important role in the development of a product and a business. When they are integrated into a dynamic innovation process, opportunities are identified and obstacles are avoided. Intellectual assets may include confidential information, proprietary information, trade secrets, trademarks, domain names, copyrights and patents. Understanding how they are developed, protected, and leveraged can give an organization a competitive edge. This four-module series will give you an in-depth look at intellectual property development, protection, and strategies. You will better understand the practices of large organizations and see how you can gain the same advantages.

Additional Information

Learn About
  • The dynamic innovation processes used by large organizations
  • Confidential information and working with outside organizations
  • Domain names, trademarks, and copyright
  • Trade Secrets and defensive publications
  • Inventions and patents
Benefits & Outcomes
  • Understand the types of intellectual property and their purpose
  • Learn best practices and better manage your organization's intellectual assets
  • Build a clear plan for developing intellectual assets for any business
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