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Youth Options

Youth options is a program designed to introduce high school students to the world of higher education. In addition to getting a first-hand view of the college experience, you can earn both high school and college credit at the same time. These credits may be applied toward a degree at Fox Valley Technical College or at many other Wisconsin Colleges. 

To participate in Youth Options, you must: 

  • Have approval from your parent/guardian. 

  • Be enrolled in a public school and have completed the 10th grade. 

  • Be in good academic standing and meet course entry requirements. 

  • Have an acceptable disciplinary record and do not meet the statutory definition of a "child at risk".

If you meet these qualifications and are ready to get started, here are your next steps: 

  1. Complete the Youth Options Interest Form. After we receive your completed interest form, we will send a response with your next steps to the e-mail address provided within two business days.

  2. Print the Youth Options Processes and Deadlines (PDF) to help you through the process.

  3. Meet with your high school counselor to select your courses from the Youth Options Course Guide (PDF).