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Student Spotlight: Anna Bunker

Student Spotlight: Anna Bunker

Occupational Therapy Assistant

Nov 6, 2017

Career Program: Occupational Therapy Assistant
Hometown: De Pere
Current Residence: De Pere
Age: 21
Attended FVTC: Fall 2015 - Present

Why did you choose the Occupational Therapy Assistant program?

As an OTA, we strive to set goals with individuals and work with them to help reach those goals. I love seeing the growth of each individual and their success once they reach those set goals. I am a very goal oriented person so my choice of study and personality go hand-in-hand!

What are you learning about your career field that you find interesting or rewarding?

I find my entire career choice very rewarding. Occupational therapy is a very rewarding job; you are able to help others strive and succeed to make their everyday lives better. Being a part of that process is very rewarding because your work matters.

Why did you choose Fox Valley Technical College?

Fox Valley Technical College seemed like the right fit for me, from the atmosphere to how the faculty treated everyone. I instantly felt like I was in the right place once I started classes. Everyone is so welcoming and helpful. It is hard to not be happy in a place like FVTC!

How did Fox Valley Technical College help you change your life?

Fox Valley Technical College has given me endless opportunities, like building relationships with others around me, becoming a peer advisor, studying abroad, and helping me build as an individual. There are so many ways FVTC has helped me change my life, and that is mainly because of the role I play as a peer advisor!

What type of job do you expect to find after graduation?

After graduation I plan to attend Mt. Mary University to receive a masters in occupational therapy, and from there I would love to specialize in mental health and work within a mental health facility. If that does not work out, I would love to work with any population as long as my work is positively impacting others!