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Student Spotlight: Kasey Brown

Student Spotlight: Kasey Brown

Occupational Therapy Assistant

Nov 21, 2016

Career Program: Occupational Therapy Assistant
Age: 30
Hometown: Mosinee
Current Residence: Appleton
Attended FVTC: January 2016 - Present

Why did you choose the Occupational Therapy Assistant Program?

My original plan for college was to complete the Physical Therapy Assistant program. However, after countless roadblocks, consistent prayers and many hours of research, I stumbled across the Occupational Therapy Assistant (OTA) program here at Fox Valley Technical College. Subsequently, God opened doors for me that I thought were dead-bolted and brought me into a program that is seemingly perfect for me.

What are you learning about your career field that you find interesting or rewarding?

Until diving into the core program, I did not realize the level of intricacy and detail that goes into the process when an OTA works with a client. One of the focuses of the field is mental disorders, which is intriguing to me. Overall, the program is immensely rewarding since the core focus is helping others.

Why did you choose Fox Valley Technical College?

FVTC's excellent reputation, affordability, welcoming environment and support are just a few reasons that I chose to further my education here. In addition, the college boasts a fantastic employment outcome in my field of study.

How did Fox Valley Technical College help you change your life?

FVTC has given me a sense of purpose, desire and hope for my future endeavors.

What type of job do you expect to find after graduation?

My desire is to find a job with a well-respected and reputable business or company in my field of study.