A Fitting Education

A Fitting Education

Spring 2020

| By: Britten, Casey

Fox Valley Tech fits the innovative lifestyle of Mike Bray.

When looking at colleges, Mike Bray realized Fox Valley Technical College would keep him out of debt while offering many opportunities to pursue a passion.

“The Tech gives me flexibility to work, attend classes and engage in hobby projects,” notes the 22-year-old from Neenah. “The college fits my lifestyle, and I love working in the Maker Space Lab.”

Maker Space is full of innovative tools for Information Technology (IT) students. Mike uses the lab to develop Programmable Logic Controller software to better analyze industrial data. “When machinery fails, engineers and machine operators can use this software to see irregularities in production,” he adds.

Mike’s project supplements his IT studies in software development. He plans to graduate in spring of 2020 and then enroll in FVTC’s Electrical Engineering program.