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Spring 2019

| By: Britten, Casey

IN PHOTO: Brad Bayerl (right) and his parents, Lisa and Marty Bayerl, meet with Cory McKone at the Public Safety Training Center.

For this high school senior, choosing FVTC came with full support of his parents.  ​

Brad Bayerl has always been interested in criminal justice. “I participated in Teen Court and currently ride along with local police during patrols,” says the 18-year-old soon-to-be graduate of Marinette High School. “The police officers recommended Fox Valley Tech to me.”

To see if FVTC was the right choice, Brad and his parents, Lisa and Marty, visited the college and met with Juan Valdez, an admissions specialist. FVTC’s Public Safety Training Center (PSTC) got a thumbs up from the entire Bayerl family. “Juan took us under his wing,” says Lisa. “He invited Brad to get a feel for the school and the training center so he knows what to expect.”

At the PSTC, Associate Dean of Public Safety Cory McKone and faculty members showed Brad many of the facility’s technologies. The 80-acre center is a national gem when it comes to best practices in training law enforcement, emergency medical responders and firefighters.

Marty Bayerl liked everything about FVTC. “The campus housing is great, the college has top-notch technology and everyone is so nice,” he says. “I also like that Brad will get one-on-one attention while learning from law enforcement professionals.”

FVTC’s affordability also helped push the school to the top of the family’s list. “It’s a school we can afford and one that Brad will do well in,” states Lisa, “and he will graduate with excellent skills to launch his career.”

Brad says his parents’ support was crucial to his decision. “My parents want the best education for me and my sister, and they asked a lot of important questions,” he notes. “I’m really excited about going to the Tech. I love the simulations and the mock village at the training center, and because I’ve been taking college-level courses in high school, I’ll start at the Tech with 10 college credits toward a degree in Criminal Justice.”

Going away to school will be a major step for Brad and his family. “I’ll miss home,” he says. “However, Fox Valley Tech already feels like home.” 

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