Black History Month: Spreading Inspiration

Black History Month: Spreading Inspiration

Faculty, staff and students share favorite words of wisdom from Black leaders

Black History Month is a time to pay tribute to leaders and role models in the Black community who have motivated and inspired many throughout history.

We asked faculty, staff and students at Fox Valley Technical College to share their favorite quotes from Black leaders and explain why their words are so important to them.

Favorite quote from Communications Instructor Jenny Heinritz:

 "Young boys are more likely to believe in themselves if they know that there's someone, somewhere, who shares that belief. To carry the burden of belief alone is too much for most young shoulders."

— Wes Moore, Author

Here's what Jenny has to say about the meaning behind this quote:

Although this quote is specifically about young Black boys, it is applicable to any child (or adult for that matter), regardless of race or gender. As a former K12 teacher and current college instructor, I've witnessed how a single adult -- a family member, a mentor, a community member, a teacher, etc. -- can have a positive impact on someone's life.

We are all "that person" to someone, whether we know it or not, and that is a rewarding feeling. 

Published: Feb 17, 2021

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