Celebrating Our Graduates: Chanel Becker

Celebrating Our Graduates: Chanel Becker

Student Speaker for December Commencement Ceremony

| By: Britten, Casey

After completing her bachelor’s degree, Chanel decided to pursue her ‘perfect degree’ and enrolled in the Occupational Therapy Assistant program at Fox Valley Technical College. She will deliver the student address during the December 2020 virtual commencement ceremony. 

Student Spotlight: Chanel Becker

Career Program: Occupational Therapy Assistant
Originally From: Eldorado
Current Residence: Eldorado
Age: 24
Attended FVTC: Spring 2019-Fall 2020

Why did you choose the Occupational Therapy Assistant program?

When I was younger, my niece received in-home therapy services to help progress through her disabilities. I used to watch and became so intrigued. It was back then that I decided I wanted to make a difference in people's lives just like her OTs did, so I chose to become one myself.

What are you learning about your career field that you find interesting or rewarding?

The most rewarding thing is that the field is so adaptable, creative and has such a large scope. After becoming certified, I will be able to work with individuals of all ages, of all abilities and disabilities, in a lot of different and unique settings—all to help them live life to its fullest.

Why did you choose Fox Valley Technical College?

I graduated from UW-Stevens Point with a bachelor's degree in Health Science, Pre-OT. From there, the normal route is continuing onto grad school. However, when I discovered the OTA program and realized I can do more hands-on practicing right away, I was hooked. The college is close to home, the perfect size, reasonably priced, and has a great reputation. It seemed to be the perfect fit.

How has Fox Valley Technical College helped you change your life?

Here at FVTC, I was privileged to have the best educators I have had throughout my six years of post-high school education. They provided me with the skills to be a better OTA, taught me to believe in myself, helped me see my full potential, and overall, equipped me to be the student speaker for the Winter Commencement ceremony!

What type of job do you expect to find after graduation? 

I hope to work in the pediatric field with those who have cognitive, developmental and/or intellectual disabilities, helping them embrace their abilities and live more independently.

In one sentence what's your best advice for someone who's not sure they're ready for college?

You've got this. Everywhere you look at FVTC is a resource for you to utilize, a helping hand that's there to see you succeed.

Chanel's Pro Tips

Best on-campus place to study:  Comfy chairs in a quiet hallway

One class you surprisingly enjoyed:  Geriatrics

One class that challenged you:  Physical Rehabilitation

One thing every FVTC student must experience before graduating:  Job fairs!

Pro-tip for newcomers trying to find their way around campus:  Ask a friendly face for help!