Celebrating Our Graduates: Christel Wirth & Chelsea Vande Hey

Celebrating Our Graduates: Christel Wirth & Chelsea Vande Hey

Nursing Grads Would Literally Give Each Other the Shirt off their Back

If you don’t make lifelong friendships in college, you might not be doing it right.

Take Chelsea Vande Hey and Christel Wirth, for example. A mutual friend realized the women would start nursing school at the same time at Fox Valley Technical College and thought they’d get along great. Chelsea was told to watch out for Christel. Christel was told to keep an eye out for Chelsea.

“From that first day, we kind of clung to each other and have supported one another throughout nursing school,” Chelsea said. “I honestly don’t think I could have succeeded without Christel. It’s the friends you make in nursing school that get you through the stressful, hectic two years.”

The friendship has endured multiple classes, late-night studying and test-taking. As they prepare to graduate, each with an associate degree in Nursing, it seems they’re also willing to give each other the shirt off their back. Literally.

“I wanted to have a nice picture for the graduation slide, so I suckered Chelsea into taking pictures with me,” Christel said. “I supplied the gown, cap and shirt. She supplied the background and the laughs. We were hoping no one would notice!”

But the always-observant College Marketing team did notice and asked for the story behind their twinning photo submissions.

“At the last minute we decided to have our pictures taken,” Chelsea said. “Christel came over very prepared. She not only brought the gown and the cap, she even brought along a shirt for me to wear.”

The graduates also share the same sentiment about their college journey at FVTC.

“I have been lucky enough to have some amazing professors and to be able to build lifelong friendships,” Christel said. “I'm thankful for FVTC bringing these people into my life.”

Christel added, “FVTC has an amazing program. Was it the most stressful thing I’ve ever done? Absolutely. But all the endless nights of studying, lack of sleep and the occasional tears were so worth it.”


Published: Dec 21, 2020

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