Celebrating our Graduates: Michael Vande Voort

Celebrating our Graduates: Michael Vande Voort

| By: Haase, Elijah D

Career Program: Culinary and Hospitality
Originally From: Little Chute
Current Residence: Kaukauna 
Age: 65
Attended FVTC: 2009-2011 and 2020-2022




Why did you choose to study this field?

After leaving my previous job in the Information Technology field at age 63, I wasn’t looking to change careers professionally. Instead, I wanted a degree that would benefit me in day-to-day life. That is why I chose to pursue a degree in Culinary Arts.

Tell us how you came to choose FVTC for your education.

I have obtained previous IT degrees through FVTC, so I knew it was an atmosphere that I enjoy.

What's been the most rewarding part of your educational journey at FVTC?

The most rewarding part for me has been meeting my new instructors and fellow students and developing friendships with them all.

What was the most difficult part?

Being a 65-year-old student comes with its own set of challenges. Also, as a culinary student, you are on your feet quite a bit.

What will you do on graduation day or in the future to celebrate graduation?

I plan to celebrate with family and friends, and in the future, I am looking forward to traveling.

Tell us about your plans after graduation.

I will mostly be cooking for my wife at home, but I plan on occasionally being an at-home chef for other special events.

One last parting thought or words of wisdom to share with others.

Life is going to throw you many curveballs, but remember that if you wait for the right pitch, it will be amazing.