Celebrating our Graduates: Shelly Young

Celebrating our Graduates: Shelly Young

| By: Haase, Elijah D

Career Program: Hospitality Management and Baking and Pastry Production
Originally From: Weyauwega
Current Residence: Weyauwega
Age: 19
Attended FVTC: Spring 2018 - Fall 2021

Why did you choose to study this field?

I chose this field because I enjoy baking. I hope to open my own bakery shop after finishing my degree.

Tell us how you came to choose FVTC for your education.

My parents recommended Start College Now through FVTC, which is a program that was available through my high school. Both of my parents and my brother attended FVTC for their degrees.

What's been the most rewarding part of your educational journey at FVTC?

The most rewarding part of my educational journey at FVTC is the people I have met and the skills I have learned.

What was the most difficult part?

The most difficult part was completing my classes during the pandemic. I ended up needing to take online classes until I could resume in-person classes which required a lot of adjusting.

What will you do on graduation day or in the future to celebrate graduation?

I plan to have a nice celebration party with my family.

Tell us about your plans after graduation.

I plan on continuing my education at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College in Digital Marketing and Video Production.

One last parting thought or words of wisdom to share with others.

The best way to complete your education at FVTC is to be organized and make sure you show up to classes early and communicate with your instructors.