Celebrating Scholars for Success

FVTC Multicultural Student Services Team

Celebrating Scholars for Success

| By: Britten, Casey

The Multicultural Student Services team at Fox Valley Technical College helped guide students from a variety of ethnic backgrounds to greater success as a result of enhanced supportive resources and mentorship.

The initiative was a localized effort to increase retention rates for minority college students across the nation. Based on the success of FVTC’s first-year pilot program in 2013, Brother-to-Brother, which helped advance retention for African-American male students, the effort grew. The initiative expanded to serve students all cultures and socioeconomic status in order to boost academic performance under the Scholars for Success program.

In two years, retention rates for FVTC multicultural students have ranged between 85% to 92%. The Grade Point Average of students in the program is above 2.0 for the past academic year. Overall, the participation rate of students in Scholars for Success has increased from year-one to year-three as well from 43 to 220.

The following FVTC students and recent graduates were recognized at an end-of-year celebration for their achievements in Scholars for Success:

Leadership Award

Alexis Hill
Gaolia Lo
Chue Feng Moua
Tashina Tovar

Highest Achieving Scholar

Houa Lai Lee

Most Improved

Denise Davis
Kayla Dorschner
Shawn Fordham
Treshaun Green
Hlee Lee
Jannie Thao

Most Dedicated

Darrin Henry
Sharon Thompson
Panar Vang
Bruce Xiong

Most Reliable

Leila Cisse
Tashina Tovar
Marquis Turner
Rayo Vargas
Mai Yang