Dia Thao: A Story of Financial Success

Dia Thao: A Story of Financial Success

There is help available for students struggling to make ends meet

| By: Britten, Casey

Dia Thao is a student in the Small Business Entrepreneurship program with hopes of one day opening her own salon.

She has also benefited from the services of the Financial Wellness Center and financial counselor Diane Drew.

“I needed help to get my finances back on track so I met with Diane,” she says. “We took a look at my credit score and what budget works for me, and she helped me come up with a plan.”

The Financial Wellness Center is free service for FVTC students and is a partnership between FVTC and Goodwill of North Central Wisconsin. Students can get help with budgeting, using credit wisely, managing debt, student loan debt and more, which ultimately helps them stay in school longer and complete their degree.

Dia has made significant progress achieving her financial goals since she began financial coaching services in December 2018. “In school, you want to focus on your studies, not other things like your finances," she says. "With these services, I was able to have peace of mind."

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