Digital Natives

Krystal Maloney

Digital Natives

Fall 2017

| By: Britten, Casey

The new Digital Marketing program is designed to develop the next generation of marketers. 

Thirty-year-old Krystal Maloney credits Fox Valley Technical College for her successful career in marketing. The 2008 Marketing graduate is now serving on the program’s advisory committee. One of the committee’s recent projects was helping develop the new one-year Digital Marketing program at FVTC.

“Simply put, today most marketing includes a digital element,” Maloney says. “It includes everything from websites to online advertising and social media management, in addition to accessibility considerations on computers and all mobile devices.”

A native of Oshkosh, Maloney is senior marketing consultant for Blue Door Consulting, a full-service marketing and consulting agency. “I work with clients on all their marketing initiatives, including website development, mobile apps and online advertising strategies,” she says. “Fox Valley Tech’s new program will help organizations fill a need for skilled digital marketers who understand the creative, technical and analytical sides of digital marketing.”

Maloney is confident the Digital Marketing program will provide graduates with the creative knowledge and technical skills to succeed. “Students will learn how today’s consumers use the internet to find products and services and utilize data to continuously improve the online experience,” she says.

According to Maloney, the need for digital marketing skills in the workplace will only continue to grow. “Graduates will be qualified for a variety of entry-level positions in digital marketing,” she says. “Plus, this program is a great opportunity for people with experience in web design or writing to expand their career.”

The digital world will change the way people communicate. “The use of screen-free devices will keep increasing in popularity,” says Maloney. “Soon, this will require a different approach to how information is presented, and we’ll have to be prepared.”

Quick Facts:

  • 47% of businesses are doing digital marketing without a clear strategy, according to a recent IBM-published study by Smart Insights. 
  • Digital marketers bring critical skill sets in search engine optimization (SEO), video content marketing, community management, automation and analytics to the business marketing strategies of companies big and small.