Earn & Learn

Earn & Learn

Fall 2020

| By: Britten, Casey

One-year apprenticeship program is a fast track to a promising career. 

The rapidly evolving world of manufacturing is taking a familiar approach to training the next generation of workers: apprenticeship. 

The one-year Industrial Manufacturing Technician (IMT) Apprentice program places students in innovative manufacturing environments to gain specific skills. The program offers 3,000 hours of real-life instruction and earning potential at familiar manufacturers such as Plexus, Ariens Company, Menasha Packaging and Kingsbury, Inc. 

Unlike traditional forms of apprenticeship such as machinists, maintenance millwrights or industrial electricians, the IMT apprenticeship is more broad-based. In addition to hands-on job skills, the apprenticeship also includes training in safety, quality, production processes and maintenance awareness.

For the Ariens Company, the apprenticeship has been a way to grow future employees. “The program provides us with a deeper bench-strength of promotable and knowledgeable employees,” says Dan Barker, training and development manager for Ariens. “It really gives team members an avenue to grow and contribute more to the company.”   

In photo: IMT apprentice students from Ariens and Plexus