ER Training Unlike Any Other

ER Training Unlike Any Other

| By: Britten, Casey

The Health Simulation and Technology Center (HSTC) at Fox Valley Technical College welcomed the first cohort of a group of 250 ThedaCare Emergency Room (ER) staff members for a boot camp training experience on Monday. The ER caregivers are visiting the HSTC over a four-week period from seven hospitals to learn best practices in emergency room procedures.

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The virtual hospital setting at the HSTC provides the state’s only fully-integrated series of simulation labs for a variety of health care training scenarios. The real-world training experience is bolstered by the use of several high-tech mannequin-like simulators that are programmable to basically fit any health care situation.

The three-story HSTC opened last year as part of FVTC’s successful public referendum in 2012.