FedEx Makes Ultimate Delivery to FVTC Diesel Program

FedEx Makes Ultimate Delivery to FVTC Diesel Program

| By: Britten, Casey

There is one less FedEx semi tractor-trailer pounding the pavement this holiday season, but that loss is Fox Valley Technical College’s gain.

The delivery services company has donated a semi tractor to the school’s Diesel program. Students will begin working on the vehicle in the spring semester. Second year students can expect to get hands-on experience troubleshooting and repairing engine defects on the tractor as part of class in the Diesel Equipment Mechanic program.

While the donation is valued at $3,500, it might be more accurate to say the donation is priceless.

“Fox Valley Tech is always grateful to receive this kind of support from businesses and industries,” said Mike Farrell, department chair for the Diesel program. “Any time we get a donation like this, it’s a great tool in helping educate our students. These types of relationships cannot be overstated.”