Fired Up

Fired Up

Spring 2020

| By: Britten, Casey

ATW ARFF Training Center prepares firefighters to take on airport emergencies.  

The latest partnership between FVTC and the Appleton International Airport (ATW) brings the first facility of its kind to Wisconsin. The ATW ARFF (Airport Rescue and Firefighting) Training Center will open in spring of 2020, providing required training in a specialized field dealing with firefighting and rescue procedures at airports.

Located adjacent to the FVTC Public Safety Training Center (PSTC) and ATW, the center provides multiple training scenarios on a one-of-a-kind Boeing 777 and a Cessna training prop. Any scenario encountered on an airfield can be re-created to produce the most realistic training available.

The center’s proximity to the PSTC sets it apart: No other facility combines these training applications for all public safety disciplines in one location. “FVTC will fill a gap for this training across the Midwest,” explains Cory McKone, associate dean of Public Safety.

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