Focus on Alumni: Haley Ademino and Amber Crisp

Haley Ademino (left) and Amber Crisp

Focus on Alumni: Haley Ademino and Amber Crisp

Spring 2016

| By: Britten, Casey

Two Meeting & Event Management graduates are in charge of special events for one of the Midwest’s largest botanical gardens.

What did you enjoy most about attending FVTC?

Haley: I appreciated the real-world experience from knowledgeable instructors. Many of them work in my industry, so they shared real-life scenarios. I also enjoyed the hands-on projects that gave me experience to apply as a sales assistant and event host for the Green Bay Botanical Garden.

Why are your skills so valued in the workplace today?

Haley: Fox Valley Tech prepared me for the diverse roles event managers play and helped me build problem-solving skills. The ability to think critically is needed for the unexpected situations event managers face and is a valued skill as the workforce continues to evolve.

How did your education at FVTC prepare you as a leader?

Amber: I gained confidence to lead others as a sales and rental coordinator at the Green Bay Botanical Garden thanks to Fox Valley Tech. The instructors hold positions within the industry, and they have insight on what to expect. I am a stronger person with knowledge to grow personally and professionally because of Fox Valley Tech.

What advice can you give others about selecting a college today?

Amber: Be open-minded about your educational path. It may change when you least expect it, and that is okay. Select a college that offers a program that truly interests you. Fox Valley Tech invests in you and your life goals with a variety of class formats and programs regardless of where you are in life.