Focus on Workplace Training: Best Prepared

Focus on Workplace Training: Best Prepared

Fall 2017

| By: Britten, Casey

Law Enforcement recruits gain an advantage training at the nation’s premiere public safety facility.  

Fox Valley Technical College’s Law Enforcement Recruit Academy provides both the hands-on skills and academic know-how needed to be successful police officers. “The goal is to give recruits the best knowledge and skills to investigate crimes, enforce the law and serve the public,” says Criminal Justice Instructor Tim Hufschmid. “The 75-acre Public Safety Training Center (PSTC) provides real-world training simulations in a safe, controlled environment. The more realistic training you can give recruits, the better police officers they will become.”

The 18-week Academy allows recruits to immediately apply their skills in non-emergency, emergency and investigative scenarios. They train in a simulated village called River City, making their experience even more realistic. “If they make a mistake, we can stop, debrief and then let them do it again in a real-world setting,” states Hufschmid.

Nothing matches the PSTC and its programs like the Academy. “We have a high-tech center with instructors who are experienced, working police officers and subject-matter experts,” Hufschmid explains. “Our Academy graduates understand what it takes to be successful police officers during uncertain times.”

The Academy was built through a partnership with law enforcement agencies around the state. “These agencies come to Fox Valley Tech to sponsor candidates, administer tests and hire our graduates,” notes Hufschmid. “Our Academy is a key element in building partnerships with law enforcement agencies throughout Wisconsin.”