Focus on Workplace Training: Better. Faster.

Focus on Workplace Training: Better. Faster.

Fall 2018

| By: Britten, Casey

The Galloway Company turns to Learning Innovations at FVTC for solutions.​

IN PHOTO: COO Kevin Beauchamp (right) with co-worker Shane Wasinger

When Galloway Company landed a major new customer, corporate leaders recognized they needed to grow quickly. “We had to dramatically increase our workforce,” says Chief Operating Officer Kevin Beauchamp. “These new hires needed to be quickly trained on our procedures and processes.”

A leader in the condensed milk and dairy-based products industry, Galloway previously ran a new hire training process that lasted six months. Each new employee gained what the company calls “tribal knowledge” by observing and learning from a more experienced worker. “We no longer had that kind of time,” Beauchamp says. “The Fox Valley Tech Learning Innovations (LI) team showed us better and faster ways of doing things.”

Among other initiatives, the LI team created a Standard Operating Procedures task list, developed an aptitude test and implemented a two-week orientation for new employees. “They learn everything from the general science of the dairy business to the actual mechanics of our processing systems,” Beauchamp states. “I find new employees learning more in two weeks than I did in years.”

The LI professionals at FVTC have become an important part of the Galloway team. “I continue to be impressed by what they offer,” Beauchamp says. “They came one day to record an experienced machine operator and returned shortly with a complete training video.”

Beauchamp recommends FVTC to other businesses. “When you have an organization of 125 people, it’s hard to have a training department,” he adds. “Fortunately, we don’t need one; the college has great people who get the job done.”


Learning Innovations at FVTC provides high-tech workplace solutions for companies like Kimberly-Clark, Miller Electric Mfg. Co., Oshkosh Corporation, Pierce Manufacturing and the Wisconsin Court System, to name a few.