Innovations Team Draws Hundreds at Expo

Innovations Team Draws Hundreds at Expo

IN PHOTO: FVTC's Pam Kuepper adjusts a headset for a visitor at the annual Einstein Expo.

Steady lines of people waited to experience technology at Fox Valley Technical College’s station during the annual Einstein Expo in Green Bay on February 2. Members of the Learning Innovations (LI) team at FVTC participated again at the yearly showcase of introducing STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) innovations to people of all ages.

At FVTC’s station, participants got a chance to engage in several learning applications through augmented and virtual reality technology. For example, some took a “walk through the universe,” viewing the different planets and getting a close-up look at the rings of Saturn while a narrator described the galactic tour through a headset. The learning activity is divided into chapters and taught in a format that resembles a video game, particularly appealing to digital natives.

LI at FVTC is a cutting-edge team of online developers dedicated to building enhanced learning applications for the classroom and business and industry.

Published: Feb 5, 2019

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