It's All Here: Public Safety Training

Spring 2015

| By: Britten, Casey

Winnebago County sheriff finds all of his department’s training needs at FVTC.

As one of the region’s public safety leaders involved in helping shape the development of Fox Valley Technical College’s Public Safety Training Center (PSTC), Winnebago County Sheriff John Matz and his department are already impressed with the facility.

“The college missed nothing when putting this place together,” states Matz. “I don’t know of any other organization in the Midwest or beyond that offers this type of training facility. I’m a big fan.”

Prior to the new center, Matz’s department had to either bring in its own resources or have about 145 deputies train at various locations across the state. “We need to continually train our people to keep their skills updated,” Matz notes. “Now we can do it all at one nearby facility that’s equipped with everything from a long-distance sniper range to high-tech homes and more.”





The PSTC provides state-of-the-art, integrative training that allows law enforcement officers to train with firefighters, paramedics, and other related professionals. “We can simulate very dangerous, real-life emergency events while keeping our people in a safe environment,” explains Matz. “In addition, we can now use a video recording system to capture everything that is occurring from all angles. We can then view footage with our deputies to help them learn what took place.”

Matz is convinced that the center will increase his deputies’ capabilities and improve their level of competency. “It’s a highly effective way to make sure my officers have the tools they need to deal with what can be overwhelmingly stressful situations,” he says.

The Winnebago County Sheriff’s department is planning its 2015 training calendar with the PSTC in mind. “All phases of training can now be held there,” Matz says. “From SWAT to crowd control to K-9 training—it’s all here.”

Safely Taking the Lead

Fox Valley Technical College’s National Criminal Justice Training Center is a leader when it comes to the coordination of training in:
- AMBER Alert
- Internet Crimes Against Children
- Human Trafficking
- And more