Moving Target

Moving Target

Fall 2020

| By: Britten, Casey

Evolving technology requires quick thinking and adaptability from Digital Marketing grads. 

Based in Appleton, Homestead Studio works with eCommerce businesses globally to help them develop their sales channels. Founder and CEO Zach Stuck serves on the advisory committee for the FVTC Marketing program. 

“Our biggest challenge is navigating ever-changing paid advertising platforms like Google and Facebook for our clients,” Stuck explains, adding that new features, analytics and privacy laws make these tools a moving target. 

He depends on his employees to be analytical thinkers with the ability to change with the evolving digital landscape. “We need our people to have a continuous learning mindset,” Stuck says of the FVTC Marketing graduates he hires. “It’s essential to our business that graduates are not only comfortable with change, but also willing to seek out new ways to improve in order to excel in the industry.”