Officers, Dogs Train at Public Safety Training Center

Officers, Dogs Train at Public Safety Training Center

| By: Anonym

K9 officers and their dogs rehearsed real-life crime scenarios Saturday at Fox Valley Technical College's Public Safety Training Center.

Around 20 teams of officers and dogs from several police agencies took part in the training, which was designed to allow the dogs to encounter unfamiliar situations.

With replicas of buildings like banks and motels, the officers were able to expose the dogs to new environments.

"We get a little complacent and always end up training at the same places too much, so being able to come here, with a bunch of structures and a bunch of environments they've never been inside, it's unbelievable," Officer Robert Zill, a canine trainer with the Winnebago County Sheriff's Department, told WLUK.

Officers were pleased with the experience and plan to hold regular training sessions at the facility in the future.

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