Order Fire: Ione’s Restaurant Ready to Cook

Order Fire: Ione’s Restaurant Ready to Cook

Student-run restaurant begins carryout service

| By: Daley-Hinkens, Carmelyn M

Ione’s Dining Room hasn’t seen a lunch time rush in almost 18 months due to the pandemic. And while it may be a bit longer before in-person dining returns, FVTC Culinary students are back in the kitchen and ready to cook this semester. 

Starting Sept. 21, students will begin offering carryout service three days per week at Ione’s. Service includes a dinner menu on Tuesdays and a lunch menu on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Ione’s is a premier learning lab for students in Restaurant Operations, a six-credit capstone course for those enrolled in FVTC’s Culinary Arts associate degree program. In this class, students get hands-on training in both restaurant cooking and dining room management by operating Ione’s as a public-facing restaurant.

In March 2020, Ione’s was forced to temporarily close because of the pandemic. The class changed direction and began a carryout service. That concept will continue until later in the semester, when the goal is to get diners back in the dining room.

“As instructors, we’re smiling under our masks, because we know we have some hard working, caring students who will soon be serving our community,” says culinary arts instructor Mary Jo Tenpas. “And, we also know that some of the kindest people that our students will ever meet are guests who’ve supported Ione’s at FVTC for years. We can’t wait for the students to meet them.”

Until in-person dining returns, diners can reserve a spot for carryout and place their order here.  Ione’s will start with its Mediterranean menu. The German Haus menu will start in October.