Jake Reedy


Fall 2016

| By: Britten, Casey

Jake Reedy got a great job offer before he completed his Electro-Mechanical Technology degree at FVTC.

Jake Reedy, a 21-year-old Waupaca native, attended his first job fair at Fox Valley Technical College in fall of 2015 on advice from his instructor. There he discovered that Great Northern Corporation, a diversified manufacturing company headquartered in Appleton, had an opening for an electro-mechanical maintenance technician.

“At the job fair I talked to a recruiter, set up an interview, and was offered the job before Christmas,” Reedy says. “The company let me complete my degree, and I started work the week after I graduated.”

Reedy’s position allows him to enjoy new challenges and learning opportunities on a daily basis. “Fox Valley Tech gave me the knowledge in both mechanical and electrical concepts to succeed,” he says. “I can take care of almost anything that goes wrong around the company from a maintenance standpoint.”

Reedy attended FVTC for three years earning degrees in both Automated Manufacturing Systems Technology and Electro-Mechanical Technology. “All the instructors are great,” he says. “Plus, I could pace myself and take more time with the harder classes.”

The hands-on problem-solving aspect of the curriculum was something Reedy liked about his FVTC experience. “When I talked to my high school counselors about both programs, I saw how many graduates were getting good jobs,” he says. “The best part of what I do each day is knowing that I help keep things moving. It’s nice to be the person who others call on to solve problems.”

Quick Facts:
- 97% graduate employment for FVTC's Automated Manufacturing Systems Technology program the past three years
- 94% graduate employment for FVTC's Electro-Mechanical Technology program the past three years
FVTC Graduate Employment Research Reports, 2014, 2015 and 2016