Shakin' It Up

Shakin' It Up

Innovators at Work

| By: Britten, Casey

Innovators at Work: How Fox Valley Tech is adapting to historic times with inventive solutions for students and efforts that uplift our community.     


Shakin’ It Up     

Accessing soil filled with organic mediums now just takes a little shaking at Fox Valley Technical College.

A compost soil sifter came to life from scratch thanks to the ingenuity of Welding Instructional Aide Brandon Goerg and Horticulture Instructor Chuck Stangel. The two gentlemen collected recycled metal, a used motor from the college’s Outdoor Power Equipment program, and researched prototype designs to construct the custom-made apparatus.

The gas-powered sifter performs a shaking function to separate larger compost items in order to produce clean soil for optimum growing. It is used by horticulture students as a hands-on learning tool around the Appleton campus’ picturesque 144 acres. Waste from the Culinary Arts program like peelings and other non-animal food scraps contributes toward the quality of soil.