Student Apprentices Earn Tools of the Trade

Student Apprentices Earn Tools of the Trade

| By: Britten, Casey

Staying in school got a little bit easier for 64 Fox Valley Technical College apprenticeship students this year, who have each received a $1,500 Tools of the Trade scholarship.

The scholarships were awarded by Ascendium Education Group and will help apprentices stay on track in their training by providing funding to purchase new tools, clothing and equipment needed for their trades. 

Apprenticeships are a great solution to the skilled worker shortage. However, it may be hard for people to complete apprenticeships, especially if they are juggling school, work and family. These funds provide much-needed financial relief to student apprentices as they start their careers.

More than 90% of past scholarship recipients have completed or continued their apprenticeship in the fall following their scholarship award.

This year, Ascendium awarded more than $760,000 in scholarships to 500+ construction and industrial trade apprentices from 15 Wisconsin technical colleges. Fox Valley Technical College students received the second-highest number of scholarships, second only to Madison College.

2021-2022 FVTC Tools of the Trade Scholarship Recipients

  • Ethan Aerts
  • Bryce Allard
  • Saeed Baha
  • Jacob Barlow
  • Jonathan Billings
  • Ty Brink
  • Drew Brunkey
  • Ben Buss
  • Luis Caldera
  • Matthew Callahan
  • Ethan Casar
  • Joseph Casar
  • Luke Clark
  • Geoffrey Coetzee
  • Richard Cotton
  • Vitor Cunha Alves
  • Luke Draeger
  • Jesus Duran
  • Owen Engel
  • Shaelamar Faust
  • Brent Haines
  • Kamren Hendricks
  • Joseph Hieber
  • Donald Knaack
  • Sam Kronschnabel
  • Austin Krueger
  • Dakota Lastofka
  • Michael Leahy
  • Brandon Loehrke
  • KoPheng Lor
  • Preston Lorenz
  • Thailyr Luangpraseuth
  • Evan Mackin
  • Dylan Mason
  • Matthew McClure
  • Thomas McGwin
  • Mike Mead
  • Matt Miller
  • Kevin Mollen
  • Carter Nackers
  • Will Nackers
  • Trevin Nelson
  • Tyler Nett
  • Nathan Novak
  • Ryan Pahlow
  • Ben Pavlik
  • Griffin Philemon
  • Joe Porto
  • Jacob Sackett
  • Joshua Schaefer
  • Justin Schingo
  • Jeff Schmitz
  • Jamie Sell
  • Lucas Stashek
  • Peter Stazen
  • Brook Stermer
  • William Strasburg
  • Matt Taicher
  • Chase Thyssen
  • Ray Vanark
  • Nick VanRooy
  • Patrick Warren
  • Kyle Werth
  • Quahue Xiong