Student Spotlight: Betina Chaon

Student Spotlight: Betina Chaon

Electrical Engineering Technology

| By: Britten, Casey

Career Program: Electrical Engineering Technology
Hometown: Oshkosh
Current Residence: Oshkosh
Age: 33
Attended FVTC: Spring 2018-Spring 2020

Why did you choose the Electrical Engineering Technology program?

I have a degree in biology and worked in the field for seven years before making the decision to go back to school for electrical engineering. A friend of mine was in the Automated Manufacturing Systems Technology program at FVTC. He told me about the different programs offered at FVTC and I thought it would be a great fit for my interests and skill set.

What are you learning about your career field that you find interesting or rewarding?

I’m learning about new opportunities in the automation field all the time. The future of manufacturing is automation and there is definitely a demand for skilled people to go into this field. It's rewarding to work in an industry that is shaping the future of work, making it safer and less physically demanding for people.

Why did you choose Fox Valley Technical College?

Fox Valley Tech is a great place to start my engineering degree because of the extensive industry experience of the instructors and the up-to-date lab equipment available to students. They are able to teach you the skills that employers are looking for. It’s also a huge cost savings.

How did Fox Valley Technical College help you change your life?

FVTC allowed me to transition into an exciting new field. Because of the flexible class offerings, I was able to start earning my degree while working in the industrial controls industry and to do so without having to uproot my life.

What type of job do you expect to find after graduation?

After I graduate from FVTC, I plan to continue my education at a four-year university. I will be able to earn my bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering with just two additional years of study. After graduation I would like to work for a systems integrator as an automation engineer.