Student Spotlight: Michael Alvarez Gonzalez

Student Spotlight: Michael Alvarez Gonzalez

| By: Haase, Elijah D

Career Program: Automated Manufacturing Systems Technology
Originally From: Menifee, California
Current Residence: Appleton
Year Started at FVTC: Fall 2023





Why did you choose this career program?

I enjoy solving puzzles, whether it be from a video game, a broken home appliance, or computer coding problem. I just love the process of problem solving and learning from it, so engineering stuck out to me as a career choice. Since I spend most of my free time dedicated to repairing, coding and setting up electrical devices, the AMS program was something that would complement my interests well.

What are you learning about your career field that you find interesting or rewarding? 

I enjoy wiring components physically or digitally though a PLC (Programmable Logic Controllers) and troubleshooting systems. I just love determining how problems occur and either engineering or troubleshooting to find the solution.

Why did you choose Fox Valley Technical College? 

From the start, I knew I wanted to go into engineering. However, for me to study this career path I had to study outside my home state of California. Education in that state is very expensive and seems to be more focused on the entertainment industry. FVTC provided me with an affordable education and reasonably priced living arrangements in the area. Additionally, FVTC has positive reviews for the quality of its engineering programs.

How has Fox Valley Technical College helped you change your life?

The number of opportunities FVTC provided were plentiful and helped me improve my education and social skills. I applied for clubs that got me into helping people in the community, such as the Go Baby Go! program and school events like open house.

What type of job do you expect to find after graduation? 

The most common areas for employment within my career field are in factories; however, with my prior skill set of coding I could easily transition to a coding career with the added knowledge of different methods of problem solving. I could even end up engineering simple circuits for everyday household items or wiring panels.

In one sentence, what's your best advice for someone who's not sure they're ready for college? 

Try something; you never know what you could accomplish unless you apply yourself to face tomorrow’s challenges.


Lightning Round!

Best on-campus place to study: Flex lab

One class you surprisingly enjoyed: Ladder logic

One class that challenged you: Motors and drives 1 and 2

Pro tip for newcomers trying to find their way around campus: Talk to student life, they can direct you to where you want or need to go.